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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mystery callers/texters

I don’t know who they are, or why they call or send me messages at all! And not bother to text back when I ask “May I know who is this please?” At least have the courtesy to reply noh! So, anyway, there are now 10 numbers in my phonebook marked with question marks. Don’t even ask why I bother, but the OC in me just can’t let go that easily until I at least TRY to find out who these people are. Well, if you know me, then you shouldn’t be surprised at all. And NO, I don't think they're {or maybe just a HE for that matter} secret admirer/s. I won't flatter myself. Anyhoo, indulge me! Allow me this opportunity to post these numbers:


What do I hope to accomplish? Nothing really. Just want these #s out of my head (or more appropriately, out of my phonebook). NOW I can let go! :)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sweet is out?

Just reminded about our Saturday lunch talk with Ben, Jojo, and Dan. Ben mentioned a common friend’s breakup with his steady date. Seems like this girl found our friend to be “too sweet”. Haller?! Why was that a problem? As Ben so sarcastically commented, “Was there a memo saying that we are not supposed to be sweet to people we hold dear? Coz if there was, I didn’t get it!” Exactly my same sentiment! I even added, that if I had gotten that memo, I would have come out with my own memo, superseding that one! Hahahah! ;->

Well, I can certainly understand why Ben seems particularly affected by the news of that breakup. That’s because he got that same “line” from someone just recently. Is there an “anti-sweetness” virus spreading in the urban jungles of Makati? Anybody up for finding a cure?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Movie date

Saturday morning saw me and the kids trooping all the way to Libertad, Pasay. For what? It was for a homemade lunch of pork sinigang care of Dan. Ben had this bright idea of going to Dan’s place early Saturday and sent me text to drop by as well. Never mind that the kids and I were on our way to the mall for a movie. Now why would I change my plans just to join up with these guys? Well, definitely not just for the food as I can cook a pretty mean sinigang myself. What I couldn’t resist was the chance to meet up again with these good friends for good conversation and great laughs! And that we did enjoy!

After a hearty and sumptuous lunch, the kids and I then went to the mall to watch “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. The kids loved it! Am pretty sure I got to watch the original movie starring Gene Wilder, but I don’t remember a thing about it. But I’m sure that it was great fun to watch, too. (P.S. I got to watch the original movie, when it was shown on TV that same night. And I got to appreciate the changes which Tim Burton and Johnny Depp gave to the new movie.)

With the movie promise fulfilled, went window-shopping with the kids. And went home with 3 new tops, and a skirt, all at 50% off from one of my favorite shops, Space. Just couldn’t resist as I really needed to update my wardrobe anyway, and at these prices, it was well worth it. Hay, simple pleasures include finding great clothes on sale! :D

Sudden call

Was lounging on the sofa an hour after I came home when I got a text from a former officemate. Even before I could reply, my phone rang. Turns out there was a ‘despedida’ for one of their co-workers, and I was invited. After much hesitation, and insistent prodding, decided to go. More so since I haven’t seen these people since December of last year. And I’m glad I went. It was great fun catching up on news, gabbing and laughing. The night ended not too late (was home by 11 p.m.) but not without promises of staying in touch and getting together again soon. What can i say, I'm lucky to have lots of friends! :)

Friday, August 26, 2005

The coolest person I know

This was the topic I chose for our “table topics” or impromptu speech session during our Toastmasters meeting last Wednesday. And this is how I replied:

“The coolest person I know is my Dad. Growing up, my Dad was the strong, silent type. He was content being the king behind the throne, but he wasn’t the type to push his weight around. While my Mom would be the one to really give us a mouthful whenever my kid brother and I would do something wrong, my Dad would just keep quiet. Which I guess, was the reason I was much closer to him. And even though he didn’t shout or get mad at us, we still had this respect for him. Not fear, but a deep respect.

My Dad had a quiet demeanor, and would be the one to ‘douse water on the fire” so to speak, when people were in a panic, or shouting, or generally just running around not knowing what to do. He was the epitome of COOL.

Looking back at the past 5 years of my life (details which I wouldn’t bother you with now, don’t worry ;->), my friends would be surprised at the kinds of things that I had to go through. People were generally surprised, and would tell me that they never really thought of me as a strong person. And I get this warm, nice feeling whenever people tell me that. Funny that they suddenly see me as a different person, the strong, silent type. And that is what I can credit as something that I learned from my Dad as well.”

Happy birthday, Daddy! You truly are the best Dad in the world, and we thank GOD everyday for you. We love you!

Killer training

Last night’s kickboxing session was a killer! We started late as everyone (except me) got to Wack-Wack late because of the sudden downpour. So instead of 7 p.m., class started at 8 p.m. (and ended past 10 p.m.). Started off with the usual strengthening exercises of leg splits. But instead of the usual 3 minutes per stance (heels up or whatever), we were now up to 4 minutes. I was trying to smile behind gritted teeth, but I guess the dagger looks I was giving to my instructor gave me away. If looks could kill! Bwahahaha! :D

Actually, had classes last Saturday as well, and since there were only two students (me and Ed), Carlo had us do mostly shadow sparring. We had to go through the motion of kicking and throwing punches at each other, but without any actual hits. It was all part of our training controlling our punches and kicks. And it was not easy, mind you! After each 5-minute sparring session, we would be sweaty, and reaching for our water bottles! It was THAT intense a workout.

I remember another recent session when we had to punch and kick a punching bag. But with a twist. Instead of having someone holding on to, and controlling the bag, we had to watch for the swinging bag, and punch and kick the bag just as it was swinging back right at us. Haller, the reason I didn’t indulge in sports as a kid was because I was afraid of getting hurt! Just the thought of a volleyball flying into my general direction was enough to make me scamper for cover! But this?!?! DUH! But surprisingly, it felt REALLY good to punch and kick the bag! True! It was truly enjoyable, maybe because I had so much pent-up violence and aggression in the first place! Bwahahah! Joke! :D But seriously, THAT was another session which left us trying to catch our breaths! Am really getting the hang of this. :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Budding entrepreneur

Getting home one night, Paolo greeted me by giving me a kiss on the cheek as usual, then handing over some money. Was so surprised, and I asked what the money was for, and where it came from. It turns out that that was the money he earned from selling CD copies of pc games. He was selling to his classmates, giving them a list of available games, getting their orders, which he would then deliver the next day. He related that he was even selling to his seatmates on the school bus!

The money he gave me, I’m keeping and depositing to his savings account. Paolo was so proud of his hard-earned money, and I’m a proud mom, too, knowing that this early, he’s learning the value of work, and earning money.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


We all need affirmation. To make us feel better about ourselves, and who we are. I remember reading this quote below years back, and even used it as my signature to all my emails. That is, until I forgot about it. Well, re-discovered it, and just want to share it with you. Read on...

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

Nelson Mandela

Monday, August 15, 2005


Met with some friends last Friday night and instead of 'going out' for gimik, decided to spend a quiet night at Daniel's pad. Food, wine, music, and lots of talk. Lots of laughter, too, but still a very relaxed way to spend a Friday night. No loud music or lots of people jostling for space (which I imagine would happen if we were out at a bar)... just 5 friends sound-tripping to Ben's collection on his mp3 player.

And how did rowing get into the picture? Chamie recruited Dan into their rowing club, and now Dan is recruiting me. Aside from the fact that i can't swim, the early morning practice is a turn-off. Imagine, weekends are the only time I get to sleep in late, and if I decide to join for rowing, I'd have to be at CCP by 5 a.m.! On a weekend? Hello?!? Duh. Nice try. :)

But Dan has been very persistent and I promised I'd try it at least once before I say "no" with finality. So if weather permits, next week I'll be rowing. Imagine that! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

If Only...

Saw the billboard for the movie "If Only", starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think! Oh, not another 'senior moment'... he he he...

Anyway, their tag line is, "What if ... Life gives you a second chance to love the one you lost"...

Wohohoooo... do i even want to go there? ;-> Let me think about it some more. But do some thinking of your own.

Let me sleep on this, then i'll add my post tomorrow.

8/15/05; 12:43 p.m.

Ok, here’s my reply to that question: What if ... Life gives you a second chance to love the one you lost"...As promised!

Hmmm, pretty difficult question to answer. But I slept on it and I’ve decided on my answer. It would be a definite NO. I can relate this to the most recent past relationship I had, and the love was not really ‘lost’ but it was a decision on my part to end the relationship in the first place. And though I admit that ‘sometimes’ feel a little teensy bit of regret, the feeling disappears once I am jolted back to reality. When I make a decision to end relationship, it is for a good reason. More often, many reasons prompt me to make a decision to finally say good-bye!

Now if the love ‘lost’ was because of distance, or time apart, that would be a different story. Which reminds me, anyone of you know…? Ah, forget it! ;->

Friday, August 12, 2005

10,000 steps

My Mom sent me a pedometer recently and decided to do the 10,000 steps a day walking program. Starting this week, I’ve used the pedometer to monitor how many steps I take per day. Pretty cool, coz I also get to see how many kms I’ve walked in a day. Look at how many steps I’ve taken so far:

August 8 - 7450 steps - 4.46 kms.
August 9 - 7550 steps - 4.51 kms.
August 10 - 8187 steps - 4.9 kms.
August 11 - 6663 steps - 3.98 kms

So far, I’m averaging 7400 steps a day, or 4.46 kms. So still quite a way to go before I reach 10,000 steps a day. The 10K-A-DAY program is a great way to get started on a lifetime walking habit. And actually, the program exceeds the US General Surgeon’s physical fitness recommendation of 30 minutes of exercise three times a week!

I’ve been reading the “Guide to Walking” manual included with my pedometer and it lists the following health benefits of walking:
- Burns almost as many calories as jogging
- Eases back pain
- Slims your waist
- Lowers blood pressure
- Reduces levels of bad cholesterol
- Reduces heart attack risk
- Enhances stamina & energy
- Lessens anxiety & tension
- Improves muscle tone
- Easy on your joints
- Reduces appetite
- Increases aerobic capacity
- Can be done in short bouts
- Slows down osteoporosis bone loss
- Can be done when you’re travelling

I remember a few months back, when I started a walking regimen, walking around our church plaza after coming home from work. It’s been a while since I’ve done that, but then, counting my steps just going to and from work everyday, and it seems I’ll be able to reach the 10k steps a day goal.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Living Juicy

Update - Work is still hectic, love life is still on hold, but generally, life is good! It's been raining every day for the past 9 days according to the news. Dunno what it is, but usually rainy days make me pensive and reflective, but today seems different. I woke up bright and chirpy and even the things which used to peeve me don't seem to bother me at all now. Dunno why. oh well! why question a good thing? :)

Or maybe it's because of something I came across recently. A good friend recommended a book to me, entitled "Living Juicy" by Sark. Basically, it says we need "juice" to nourish the sometimes dry and cracked feelings we have, and to give us the sweet, wild moments we crave. The book is

LIVING JUICY is jumping for joy on the inside. Sark gives us the juice to nourish our creative souls with this map and miniature guidebook. Weekly topics include "procrastinating," "energizing," "adventuring," "aging," and "shouting." Each daily affirmation is designed to stop those dry and cracked feelings and give us those sweet, wild moments we crave.

Just reading SARK's introduction feeds the soul:

"Living juicy is: Jumping for joy in the inside! In the midst of our daily lives, we must find the juice to nourish our creative souls. If we rush around, never look closely, or practice self-denial, we will begin to feel dry and cracked, for the lack of sweet, wild moments that elevate us, and those around us. The name for this is Living Juicy."

So this made me think, what are the things that I do to nourish my soul, and to help me live a happier, more creative, more fulfilled life? :)

I went back to my Gratitude Journal (read my August 5, 2004 blog) and affirmed the blessings in my life: my 2 handsome, wonderful sons; caring, loving, and supportive parents and brother, good health (mine and those I love), peace of mind, a stable job, etc. Then on to the things that I do to nourish my life are my extra-curricular activities, like Toastmasters, kickboxing, blogging(!), etc. It made me also realize that even small things I do to relax and rewind, also help to nourish my soul. Things like reading a book or magazine, playing with my kids, going out with friends... all simple things but nevertheless, they make me happy. And that's what's important. :)

Question now is: What are the things that that YOU do to live a happier, more creative, more fulfilled life?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yaya update

I found a new yaya. YES! Actually, another referral from someone I know. Back to training mode. But then, since this new yaya is a lot older than I am, I’m hopeful that I’ll have less problems with her than the last one. Hopefully, none at all! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Wanted : Yaya

Alas, I am again “yaya-less”. To the uninitiated, or those souls enjoying their single-blessedness, having a yaya is a luxury. But for someone like me, a single working mom with 2 kids, a “yaya” or nanny is a necessity. But woe is me, the last yaya I had was more of a headache than a blessing! I had to get rid of her, and fast! Or else, my health and sanity was at stake! EVERYDAY, my blood pressure would shoot up because of something she had done, or something she had left undone! E-VE-RY-DAY!!! There was always something! She would invariably ‘forget’ to give me back my change from her marketing, which she’d then pocket, or had eaten food that was meant for my kids’ ‘baon’. I don’t want to get into details lest my blood pressure shoot up again, but her latest fiasco was ringing up (literally!) almost THREE thousand pesos worth of phone bills at MY landline, and this was just for the last half of July, mind you! One call was for 77 minutes to a cellphone (which I found out later on, belonged to her boyfriend!) and which cost over Nine Hundred Pesos! One phone call worth Nine Hundred Pesos! Imagine! AAAARGH! I knew that she didn’t have money to be able to pay for those phone calls! Plus, what really got my blood boiling was thinking that instead of taking care of my kids and doing chores for which she was being paid for, she was busy talking on the phone! Kaya pala puro palpak ang trabaho ng bruha! Double, no, TRIPLE AAARGH! This is the WORST maid I’ve had the extreme misfortune of having! If committing murder was not a crime, it would have been a very viable option that very minute when I saw the phone bill.

My Dad has always said that we should be more patient in dealing with maids as of course, they have had less schooling, and thus need more instruction. If they had gotten a better (or higher) education, then they wouldn’t have settled working as maids. And I agree. But then sometimes, there are really some maids who test your patience, and makes you wonder if this is really the best that they can offer. Plus, I would think that if this is the only job that they (maids) know how to do, then they should make sure that they do a great job! Right? Sadly, that isn’t so!

But enough about that… Just recounting that incident got my blood boiling again. Pleasant memories, pleasant memories…

Yes, being without a maid now, I have to do most of the chores at home. Have been trying to find a silver lining to all these recent experiences and surprise, surprise, there are some! For one, I got a chance to spend an extra day with my kids. An extra day off work, excused! :D Friends also often wonder how I can still have energy after everything I've done. And how I can still have a smile on my face even in the face of these "irritants". One friend commented that whatever I'm facing, I always say it in a way that is amusing and that I can carry such burdens with ease. What was the exact words a cousin used to describe me? That I always manage to
go through tough times with a laugh and a witty retort. Hahaha! True.

Then yesterday, when I had to hurriedly leave my office to pick up my youngest son from school – Patrick was so surprised to see me that he started jumping up and down and shouting “My mommy’s here! My mommy’s here!” in front of his whole class! The surprise and smile on his face was priceless. Just seeing his face light up like that made me forget all my problems. :)

yes, maybe I am a Wonder Woman... ;->

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Yes, i know, i've been remiss in posting lately. blame it on work and everything else that's going on in my life. Not that i'm complaining. :)

Missed 3 sessions of kickboxing class last week. Now that, i'm NOT happy about! But what can i do? Business (new) and work beckons. Anyway, when i finally got a chance to attend last tuesday, i felt tired more easily and even the stretching (which normally is a breeze -- naks! yabang! :) ) had me sweating bullets after just a few minutes. funny how missing just 1 week of exercise can have this effect on me! oh well. I promise myself i'll make up for the sessions i missed by joining the weekend classes.

and in case you didn't notice, i'ts 4:06 a.m. After turning in around 10 p.m., woke up 1 a.m. and have been up since! Was tossing and turning in bed until i finally decided to get up before 3 a.m., to write down my thoughts on paper. More like a "to do" list actually, but at least since these items are now on paper, i can get these things off my mind and finally get some shut-eye! I hope!

So let me go back to bed, and TRY to sleep some more until 5:00 a.m.. I need to rest. It's going to be a looooong day at work. As usual. :(