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Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Perfect Sunday

The day starts with me waking up late (9:30 a.m. late enough?), ordering McDonalds’ pancakes & hash browns for breakfast (kids’ request!), experimenting by cooking a new dish for lunch (lots of veggies!) then after lunch, with the kids napping on the couch, me alternating between sitting on the couch sipping hot tea and watching TV (my favorite channel being Discovery Travel and Living), and sitting in front of the PC typing away! Gosh, how long has it been since I last posted on my blog?!?! I’ve been saying it so often to friends that I so HATE not being able to blog. And now this rainy, Sunday afternoon, I finally get a chance to update my blog! Hooray!

But finding something worthy to blog about is something else… So let me just think of all the things I haven’t been able to blog about and write excerpts here:

1. Reunions, and more reunions with HS friends and relatives (January and April)
2. CCP sojourns ("Light a Million Mornings" featuring the Loboc Childrens’ Choir & the Pundaquit Virtuosi, guests Cris Villonco, Coke Bolipata, Julian Quirit & Eliza Quirit; PPO's 22nd season with conductor Eugene Castillo; and watching the hysterically FUNNY "Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikal" last February 18, 2006. The musical stars Eula Valdes, Tuxs Rustaquio, Ricci Chan, and a mega cast of talented actors). And after watching Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, just had to pose with some of the cast members for pictures. Luckily, was also able to have my copy of the book signed by Carlo Vergara! The pics are in my friendster. hehehe...
3. Patrick’s 6th birthday (March 18) and graduation (April 3). My baby an honor student, mind you! And yes, i'm a very proud mommy.
4. Diary of my Boracay trip with the kids, and my friend JC (end of March)
5. Spending the weekend in Batangas, and Tagaytay Highlands. Ang pamilyang layas, BOW! (April 29 to May 1).
6. Turning a year older last June (yada-yada-yada... ) ;->
7. Cebu-Bohol trip with HS friends (June 30 – July 2). A FIRST!
8. “Trying” to be vegetarian and succeeded in swearing off meat but only for 5 days! Am so disappointed. Gosh, this is going to be more difficult than I thought. Oh well, at least garden salad for lunch is still a regular thing for me. Gotta try harder.
9. A new job, perhaps? ;->
10. My blog turning 2 years old this August 5! (GOSH! You know, I actually thought my blog was just a year old, but I checked the archives, and yes, I’ve been blogging since August 2004! 2 years gone by. Time flew by so fast. Got a chance to read my very first few posts, and will do some more reading in a few minutes. Nothing like reading, and reminiscing this drab, rainy afternoon...)

So those were just excerpts. Definitely, once I find the time (blah blah blah…) I’ll blog, blog, and blog away! Expect more from me soon!