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Monday, April 21, 2008


After our Sunday exercise (kuno!) at UP, we had lunch at Banapple at Katipunan, Quezon City. Patrick was salivating when his order of chocolate peanut butter pancake was brought to the table. :) I loved the banofee pie, and the chocolate caramel fudge cake (I forgot what it's really called). The heavenly breakfast (served all day), glazed porkloin and baby back ribs were yummy. The banana-chocolate-peanut butter smoothie instantly became the kids' fave. As for service, it could still be improved. After paying more than 1k for our meal, I set down to check the bill/order slip (which I normally don't do) and promptly found out that we were charged an extra 300 pesos! I pointed it out to the waitress, and it turns out the cashier didn't clear the register before punching in our orders. They returned my money, but I still kinda felt cheated. I mean, what if I hadn't checked the order slip? And to think they don't issue ORs, UNLESS you request for it. What’s up with that?

The place is small, and easily gets crowded (I heard even on weekdays). I love the food there and we will eat there again to try out other items on their menu. Maybe I'll stick to the sandwiches next time. But a friend was raving about their tapa. Hmmm, we'll see... but you can be sure I'll be paying special attention to their order slip the next time.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The weekend gardener

I don’t know what this is really. It’s either the early sprouts of starapple (kaimito) or melon. Well, whatever it is, isn’t it pretty? 

I’ve been doing some gardening the past few weekends (if you can call a few minutes tinkering with the plants “gardening”), and have been practicing what I’ve been saying and that is to compost. Less trash, as the fruit peels, etc., go straight into a big pot filled with soil and used coffee grounds which is in our front yard. The used coffee grounds are free from Starbucks. :)

Whenever I have some free time on the weekends, I’m in front of those plants, watering them, placing some used coffee grounds, arranging the pots, and generally just digging my hands (gloved hands, that is) into the soil. And after just a few minutes, perspiration rolls down my face. It feels good to see that something has sprouted from that once-barren soil. Yup, I want to nurture my green thumb, to nurture more plants in my garden.