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Thursday, September 29, 2005

HP 6

Yes, i finally finished the book! Hurrah, hurrah!

Started reading the ebook once I got hold of a copy, and TRYING to read it whenever I get a chance. But since it was very busy for me both at work and at home, for the longest time I couldn't even get past page 165. That is, until I got the actual, honest-to-goodness hard copy! So since Saturday night, have been reading a few chapters before going to sleep. And even when I happened to accidentally read one of my friends' blogs (dammit, Ben!) and discovered who the half-blood prince was, and who would die, I still didn't let that spoil my enjoyment of reading and finishing the book. So after finally finishing the book, I am AGAIN reminded why I am a big fan of JK Rowling and that young wizard, Harry Potter. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Dojo time

Saturday morning, brought the kids' to the dojo for their judo classes. Judo and jiu jitsu all in one! Patrick was the smallest but nonetheless, the noisiest student! Warm-up was running and stretching and the kids loved it! At one point they did an exercise which Patrick described as "ocho-ocho" and pretty soon, all the other kids were singing "ocho ocho" as well. Funny! :D The kids are enjoying the rough play, and being with other kids their age. It was fun watching them playing, and they're getting to be part of the dojo as much as me.

Anyway, after their judo classes, went to the grocery then went back home. Mommy chores, what else is new?

Missed a kickboxing class a week back and wanted to make up for it. Have already lost 1 inch per thigh! Woo hoo! and so Saturday got me going back to the dojo for more punishment, er, training! ;->

Monday, September 19, 2005

Between Two Worlds

As usual, instead of posting something original and which I 'own', I find myself once again sharing instead something that was sent to me by a friend of mine. I can so relate, and I guess in that sense I also "own" the feelings and thoughts shared herein. Read on, this is nice... :)

Between Two Worlds
By Kari West

At Pillar Point Lighthouse, south of San Francisco, where the ocean gives way to the land, I stood on the edge of two worlds. That day my thoughts were as restless as the relentless sea pummeling the shore below. I was floundering, torn between the deep attachments of the past and the pressing need to let go of them forever. I was almost ready to give up.

Me, single again? I can't do this! Two months earlier, my husband had suddenly walked out of our marriage. The discovery of multiple affairs going back decades left me breathless. Now, as a single working mother of a teenager, I felt overwhelmed. Sometimes I felt I could make it through, but at other times I just wanted to die.

That particular Sunday afternoon, Eleanor, a woman I knew from church, suggested that we go and pick blackberries at the ocean. So we had driven down the coast and stopped at this bluff to stretch our legs and absorb the view.

I didn't know Eleanor well, but she turned out to be good company. As we gazed down at the ocean she turned to me and said, very deliberately, "The kind of men who sneak around and walk out on marriages are not worth crying over."

So began my friendship with Eleanor. I soon discovered that as a divorced woman herself, she had also stood where I was now - and that she had not only survived, but flourished.

In the months that followed, Eleanor taught me how. "Lighten up. Simplify," she said. I began by getting rid of the heavy furniture I couldn't lift on my own.

"Why hold on to all those knickknacks and holiday ornaments, if they have such heavy memories?" she asked. So I held a garage sale to make room for new memories and traditions. I bought a small house across town and redecorated the black vinyl and beige with colorful floral patterns. Instead of bemoaning that my daughter chose to spend that first Christmas with her father, I took the week off work to travel to Israel.

Slowly, I got my feet wet with all this single stuff. Eleanor was always there for me. She let me have the keys to her house so I could have a quiet place to go when she was at work, and she said I could call her anytime, day or night. I thought of her as my "3 a.m. friend." What a gift she gave me!

I found myself wanting what Eleanor had. That wisdom. That twinkle in the eye that said that life is good and we are here to enjoy it. Just watching her move smoothly, creatively through her life helped. I thought, Maybe one day I'll be where she is.

Although our paths took different directions in the years that followed, Eleanor and I always managed to pick up our friendship where we left off. To this day, I continue to admire how she carries herself with flair through life's ups and downs. She has a way of putting things into perspective.

It is in part because of Eleanor that I have realized one special dream. While I was going through all my emotional turmoil, I hoped that someday I would be able to write about it and so help other women in the same situation. Inspired by watching Eleanor turn a hobby of oil painting into a home business, I left behind a thirty-year career to become a freelance writer.

One day I was at a writer's conference having an article based on my experience reviewed by an editor. In the middle of our session she suddenly broke down and said, "I'm going through this same thing right now!"

She was obviously in distress. I gave her a hug and told her she would get through it; there was a future out there, even though she might not be able to see it at the moment.

Over the next few months, we stayed in touch, and then it occurred to me that she and I would make a perfect writing team. The combination of my weathered experience and her raw pain would enable us to write a book that would mentor other women in similar situations. When I told her my idea over the telephone she was very enthusiastic, and as we said good-bye she added, "I want my twinkle back - the twinkle that I see in your eyes!"

I closed my eyes for a moment as I realized what had happened: I had become for my new friend what my old friend Eleanor had always been for me. Twelve years had passed since that Sunday afternoon when Eleanor and I stopped at the lighthouse. And now I knew what Eleanor must have known as we stood looking down at the ocean pounding at the shore: There is a place where the turbulent sea gives way to firm, dry land. And when you find that place, you become a beacon of hope for others who are still floundering in the waves.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Paolo’s first communion

Woke up the kids' early and got ready to participate for Paolo's first communion. Dan eagerly volunteered to join us and be our photographer. Yet again, we look like a big, FAKE, happy family. (If you know Dan and me, you'll get the joke.) :D

The mass was solemn, and a few times I felt like crying. I was so touched by the priest's sermon, and the boys' singing. All with action ha. So cute. :)

After the mass and partaking of food prepared with the other parents, we all went home for our own celebration as well. As expected, the celebration had LOTS of food. Typical of any Filipino gathering which centers on food. It's cultural for us Filipinos to always celebrate with food. Think of it, fiestas, baptism, weddings... name it, even funerals and wakes!... food is certain to be part of it. It's in the Filipino psyche of the "salo-salo"... we share food, we FEED people who we value. Much like a mother going to great lengths to prepare special food for different occasions and enjoying the look of delight in her loved ones' faces when they hungrily devour the food so especially prepared. Isn't that so true? :)

But i digress...
Today was a special day. My son is growing up soooo fast. He's taken another step into becoming the fine, young man i want him to be.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Pay it forward

Had to go to DBTC to pick up paolo’s report card from school. Was in such a hurry as I was expecting heavy traffic, and dreaded the thought of being late. But had an urge to stop by church. Dunno why. But i still decided to stop over, stay a few minutes, to say a short prayer. You know how when we're troubled and we just talk to someone, how much better we feel, even if that that person didn't really solve our problem, but just actually LISTENED? well, i felt that way after just a few minutes in church. My mind was no longer racing, thinking of the things i had to do, and i don't know if this is the most accurate word to describe what i felt, but i felt relief.

I took a deep breath, and braced myself for the trip ahead. It was rush hour and i felt it would be short of a miracle (pardon the exaggeration) to expect an empty taxi to pass by. BUT less than 5 minutes of waiting, and lo and behold, a taxi stopped in front of me! Answered prayer! Yes, that i believe. :)

What's more, I was relieved when the taxi driver told me that he knew of a faster, less traffic-congested route to my son's school! Alleluia! While it would normally take me an hour to get to the school (much more in rush-hour traffic), this time it took me less than half that time! And i had to pay a lower fare, of course! What a plus!

Nearing the school, I was in such a good mood. :) Then i saw in the rain, a woman with 2 young boys (presumably her sons) hailing the taxi i was in. Since i was just walking distance from the school anyway, and i kinda felt sorry for the woman since she reminded me of me, i decided to get off the taxi, and just walk the rest of the way. I called her and her sons to take the cab i was in. She thanked me profusely and that felt good. I did a good deed. :)

Oh, and the driver? I gave him a large tip which was the amount i saved from taking the shortcut compared to the route i would normally take.

It was a good day... Doing good deeds feel good. Pay it forward. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

"To let true love remain unspoken..."

"To let true love remain unspoken is the quickest route to man's graveyard"

Heavy, but ironically, heard this quote in a very 'light' movie. Guess? "Sky high"!

Anyway, I agree with that statement. But then again, i also got to thinking... How do you know if it’s true love? What if it’s just attraction, and not love?! There’s a thin line between showing love and becoming obsessed, right?!

I ponder these questions now, as this quote is quite timely. Just last night, a friend and I were counseling another friend (girl) of ours. This friend of ours is so deeply, madly in love with a former classmate of hers. And while we don’t know this guy personally, the way she described him, we wouldn’t be surprised if he could walk on water! That’s how so BLINDLY in love she was. At one point in our talk, she blurts out, “What if he doesn’t believe that I love him? What do I need to do to prove to him that I love him?” “WHOA!”, I almost shouted at her! “You do not HAVE to do anything more! The fact that you told him already how you felt, was more than enough. If he doesn’t make a move after that, then it is time to move on. He doesn't love you”.

I admit now, we were pretty harsh to her last night. But then again, she needed to hear all those things from us as she was acting literally 'drugged'. She was so depressed, that to lighten the mood we were teasing her that whatever drug she took, we didn't want it! Her eyes were glazed over and she was soooo sad. So unlike the bubbly girl we know. Worried? You bet we were! This was another case of unrequited love and we didn't want her suffering any more! The guy couldn't care less about her. But she was so out of it. Imagine her saying she'd give the guy 2 more years before she finally gives up on him! Two years!?!?! HELLO! "You will not waste 2 years of your life waiting for him"! But then she sadly replies, "But he's worth waiting for..."

Friends, if you ever find ME blubbering these sad little words, please please please, bang my head on the wall to wake me up!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Attended a recollection, in preparation for my son's first communion. Yup, my baby is growing up sooo fast! Which made me reminisce about the time he was baptized. I remember he was just a month old then, but already quite heavy. We didn't wait to have him baptized like other families did, as my parents had always said that we shouldn't even take Paolo out of the house until he was baptized. Besides, baptism isn't something to be put off for later. So it was january 25, 1997 at St. Francis Church when Paolo was baptized. Gosh, time flies so fast! Can't believe that was over 8 years ago...

Anyway, this early, I'm planning to invite some friends and family over to celebrate with us after Paolo's 1st communion. Just a small gathering here at home. The celebration will be simple. Besides, what is important is that Paolo receives this sacrament. All the rest is just like icing on the cake.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Must love dogs"

Got to watch "must love dogs" last night with Mars. Finally! :)

And as expected, it was funny, light, and sweet -- my favorite type of movie. Laughed out loud at many of the scenes, and could relate to many scenes and not just one... though i'm not gonna tell what scenes i could actually relate to. hehehe... ;->

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Movie mania

I saw 3 movies this past week, starting last Saturday. and no, i haven't seen movies this often for such a long time. Last Friday night, had planned to watch “Must love dogs” but when we got to the cinema, there was an advance screening for “Cinderella Man” instead in the theatre where “Must love dogs” should have been showing. So do we watch “cinderella man” instead? Nope. Am not really much of a Russell Crowe fan to begin with, and besides, wanted to watch something light. So settled for “The truth about love”, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Definitely a date movie, but no, this was not a date. I was with a very good friend, another one of my Will’s. :)

The next day, Mars and I (this time with Jennie and Ed) trooped again to the cinema, again planning to watch “Must love dogs”, but again, we’re disappointed. It’s not showing in the mall we went to, so what do we end up watching? “Sky High”! Definitely light, but surprisingly, quite an enjoyable movie! Plus “Warren Peace” (get it?  ) – Steven Strait is such a cutie. Mars was complaining after the movie that he had a bruise on his arm from all the pinching I did whenever “Solder” would be shown on screen. Hehehe… ;->

We’re still bent on watching “Must love dogs”. For one, it’s starring John Cusack, who I so like as an actor. Saw him on “say anything”, “america’s sweethearts”, “true colors”, “high fidelity”, “midnight in the garden of good and evil”… oops, don’t mention “serendipity” because THAT I didn’t see. Can’t even remember why, but still bummed that I haven’t seen it. (Which reminds me that I better get a DVD copy.). Anyway, I so love to watch romance/comedies and “must love dogs” fits the bill. Another date movie which I plan to watch with one of my Will’s and not with a date. So there!