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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mid-week treat

After work last night, went to the mall with my dear friend, Chona. Since we were passing by my house anyway, decided to pick up the kids to join us. The kids were all excited about going to the mall on a school night! After a HEAVY dinner (bad, very bad!) of grilled burgers, potato wedges complete with accompaniments of blue cheese dip, mushroom gravy, and honeyed onions (yum yum!), strolled through the mall to burn off some calories. Headed home when the stores closed. Lucky they close early or else we might still be walking around. hehehe...

This doesn't happen often so the kids appreciate getting a chance to leave the house and go malling in the middle of the (school) week. Next weekend, am planning to treat the kids to breakfast out. Anything to make them eat more and gain weight! :)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Sunday woe

What a way to spend to spend a Sunday afternoon! Paolo had been suffering from low-grade fever since early Thursday morning. Gave him paracetamol and made him rest at home. The fever would subside, but then he'd have fever again early morning. So Saturday morning, brought Paolo to the doctor for a check-up. Tonsils normal, lungs clear, the doctor decides it's just allergies because of the weather, tells me not to worry, and prescribes meds for Pao's itchy throat and allergies.

Sunday mid-morning and Pao vomits 3x. Got a scare, so off to the hospital ER we go. Given Hydrite to combat the mild dehydration. CBC results showed low white blood cell count which is indicative of viral infection. The ER doctor was saying that if we wanted to, Pao could be confined already. But Pao didn't want to, and instead promised the doctor that he'd eat well, drink fluids and all his meds, and get some much-needed rest. So I gave in to Pao's pleadings. Besides, it's supposedly just upper respiratory tract infection so taking care of him at home won't be that much of a problem. So right now we're back here at home. Pao is on MY strict orders to eat heartily, drink lots of fluids, sleep early, and no playing. Either that, or I'll really have him confined at the hospital, and that I'm sure he doesn't want to happen. (Neither do i.)

Having sick kids is never a picnic. I hope Pao recovers fast from this viral infection. I can't for the life of me, can't understand why the kids still get sick despite eating nutritious food, drinking lots of milk, taking vitamins, etc. ... The weather? Pollution? Yeah, I know a lot of people getting sick these days. Whole families with each member getting flu one after another. Makes me still count ourselves lucky that not all of us got sick. Oh well. All i wish for now for my whole family (immediate and extended) is good health. Especially for my kids!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

College friends

Saturday afternoon was spent with some friends from college. Had great fun laughing and teasing each other. Honestly, I think I lost weight considering how hard I laughed that afternoon! It always is great fun to get-together with friends who are zany, funny, and downright crazy! We were all clowning around, okay, i did mostly the laughing... :D Was in the company of 24/7, 100% funny guys, I could hardly keep up with their jokes!

Funny, but these guys were actually my ex's college classmates! and yet now, they're MY friends, not his! hahaha! Funny? Odd? A blessing... :)

Next week, it's off to Los Baños with our families for another get-together. :D

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Patrick the "pilyo"

We were allowed to go home early today because of the rally at Ayala Avenue in Makati. Couldn't get home fast enough! And as expected, though it was still quite early, the MRT was already jampacked, as if it was rush hour.

Anyway, got home earlier than usual and of course, the kids were happy! Patrick and I were just lounging in bed when he started telling me about his day in school. He started by mentioning "Hannah". Ahem. How Hannah is a classmate of his, but who was not sitting beside him, etc. Then he suddenly remembers something else.

He starts by saying, "Mommy, nakita ko si Kathleen", referring to his classmate in Nursery. Then he suddenly adds, "Pero di ko sya na-kiss". To which I gave out a hearty laugh! He gave me his mischievous grin, and before I could stop laughing (guffawing is more like it :D) , he added, "Crush ko sya, gusto ko sya!".

Oh my gosh! Out of the mouth of babes! :D I shudder at the thought of becoming a grandmother early! Knock on wood!

*pilyo - naughty; mischievous

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The good life

Went out to do some of my personal errands during lunch time today and was able to make use of my boss' E150 AND uniformed driver! Gosh, 'kidnap-in' ang beauty ko dito! BWAHAHAHA! :D Honestly, i can get used to this. ;->

No wonder a lot of foreigners like to stay here in the Philippines. Their dollars really go a long way in getting them the good life. Nice condo unit at Rockwell or The Fort, the most luxurious and elegant cars, a very cushy lifestyle in all...

A friend of mine now based in Malaysia has her own house, car, driver, and maid, all courtesy of the company she's working for. That, aside from a stratospheric salary plus other perks! Hmmm... Makes me want to seriously re-consider going abroad and lead the life of an expat.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Hectic sunday

Sunday was pretty hectic. Went to the parlor for a much-needed trim, manicure, pedicure then off to my appointment. Possibly for a new career? I’ll keep you posted. Hihihi… ;->

After my ‘audition’, met with Dan, who suddenly invited me for dinner and a musical play at the CCP. Just a few texts later, and more friends (both old and new) dropped in. Ben, Rome, and new friends Kaye and Robert. It seems that when we don’t have any plans, that’s when we actually get a chance to get-together!

Had light, light dinner at My Little Kitchen (MyLK) then off to CCP, minus Ben and Robert. Then met another friend at CCP before the show, “Mapaghimalang Birhen ng Caysasay”. Very nice, especially with Cocoy Laurel there. :)

Two hours into the show, Dan suddenly motions that he has to leave me and Jovie because of an ‘emergency’. I swear, if I find out that THAT ‘emergency’ is a person named _____, I will kick Dan’s ass straight into next week! Grrr… But then, come to think of it, Dan will do me a big favor on Monday by bringing the kids to Makati for a VTR. So luckily for him, there will be no ass-kicking. Ha! :D

So anyway, went home in a cab alone. Was still seething from being left by Dan at the show, but moreso when the cab driver took the long route home! Jeesh! I was “tsk-tsking” when halfway home, I decided to change my perspective. Yes, I was pissed at taking a longer way home, but then this was just a secondary concern. My primary concern was to get home safe. So I finally stopped my “tsk tsking” and quietly sat at the back of the cab and relaxed. When I finally got home, I thanked the cab driver. So the night didn’t end up so bad with me in such a bad mood after all.

Friday, July 08, 2005


Am at a internet café now, checking on my emails and blogging. Beside me, the kids are playing pc games, oblivious to the goings-on at Ayala Avenue and Ortigas.

Those who know me know that I am NOT at all the type to delve in talks about politics. Especially not the kind to write nitty-gritty political editorials. But with the going-ons now...

The rallies are of course, organized by people calling for the resignation of GMA. Just arrived here from the office, and had a difficult time commuting what with the rally at Ayala. As expected, the MRT was jampacked, more so than usual, and it was a struggle to go through the throng of people just to step off the train! Oh, I relish the day when I’ll have my own car.

But I digress… the rallies at Ayala and Ortigas force me again to take a long, hard look at what’s happening to the Philippines. Is it really a hopeless case, as many people say? I have to admit, going abroad is becoming more and more appealing to me. For the longest time, I have always had the plan to migrate, but before it was only at the back of my mind. Not something that I had taken steps to pursue. But now, it seems that the plan to migrate is presenting itself more as a necessity now, more than anything else. And my primary consideration now are the kids.

Anyway, these are all still just a speck in my mind right now. Until I finally decide that migrating is the ONLY option for a better life for my kids, I still hold hope that things WILL get better for my beloved Philippines.

As for tomorrow, our plan is to go on with our lives as usual, take the kids to judo class, and do what other ordinary Filipino families do during the weekends. I need the breather!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Work overload

Have been sooo busy at work lately with one of our projects, involving our Operations Group, and am sooo tired! Imagine, last night I went home 12 MIDNIGHT! That was the first time EVER that I left the office that late (not counting of course, when there are Company-sponsored events, etc.). Meetings the whole day, too! Aaargh!

Aside from that, have been feeling sick this past week. I have a cold and sore throat, which I probably got from the kids since they both had fever last week. So my heavy workload has prevented me from taking some time off from work, and as expected, my cold and sore throat is getting worse. sniff sniff...

So anyway, my work sched has been crazy and I promise that this weekend all I'll be doing is 'bonding' with my bed... Aaaahhhh...

Seems I WILL have to content myself with my once-a-week blog postings for now. Oh well... :(