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Monday, July 18, 2005

Sunday woe

What a way to spend to spend a Sunday afternoon! Paolo had been suffering from low-grade fever since early Thursday morning. Gave him paracetamol and made him rest at home. The fever would subside, but then he'd have fever again early morning. So Saturday morning, brought Paolo to the doctor for a check-up. Tonsils normal, lungs clear, the doctor decides it's just allergies because of the weather, tells me not to worry, and prescribes meds for Pao's itchy throat and allergies.

Sunday mid-morning and Pao vomits 3x. Got a scare, so off to the hospital ER we go. Given Hydrite to combat the mild dehydration. CBC results showed low white blood cell count which is indicative of viral infection. The ER doctor was saying that if we wanted to, Pao could be confined already. But Pao didn't want to, and instead promised the doctor that he'd eat well, drink fluids and all his meds, and get some much-needed rest. So I gave in to Pao's pleadings. Besides, it's supposedly just upper respiratory tract infection so taking care of him at home won't be that much of a problem. So right now we're back here at home. Pao is on MY strict orders to eat heartily, drink lots of fluids, sleep early, and no playing. Either that, or I'll really have him confined at the hospital, and that I'm sure he doesn't want to happen. (Neither do i.)

Having sick kids is never a picnic. I hope Pao recovers fast from this viral infection. I can't for the life of me, can't understand why the kids still get sick despite eating nutritious food, drinking lots of milk, taking vitamins, etc. ... The weather? Pollution? Yeah, I know a lot of people getting sick these days. Whole families with each member getting flu one after another. Makes me still count ourselves lucky that not all of us got sick. Oh well. All i wish for now for my whole family (immediate and extended) is good health. Especially for my kids!