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Sunday, November 27, 2005

HP4 movie

Finally saw the HP4 movie! Yup, long overdue. Considering how busy our weekends have been, really couldn’t find the time to go out with the kids. So once we found out that another 3-day weekend was coming, we planned our movie date for this Sunday. The wait for the movie was well worth it. The movie was awesome! The kids were shouting at some parts of the movie, from the excitement, and though there were also some scary parts especially when you-know-who made an appearance, the kids were okay with it. The movie was 3 hours long, but so much fun to watch. Special effects were really good! Patrick was kinda antsy a few times but would later on sit down and watch.

Loved the movie immensely, but at 3 hours long, it was still lacking. I would have loved to see how the other 3 champions (Cedric, Fleur and Victor) handled their first challenge with the dragon. And also how Barty got out of Azkaban, how he captured Mad-eye Moody… You get what I mean. Though I read all HP books, would have still wanted to see how it would look on the big screen. But then that’s just me.