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Friday, November 11, 2005

“Blog this!”

That’s exactly what Carlo said last night, after a particularly trying workout. And why? Because he really pushed us to the limit. Imagine, making us do SEVEN minutes of of jab-straight-roundhouse (left & right) then some more exercises, such as knee ups, front kicks, side kicks, you name it, we did it! Each round was 7 minutes, and we had to do 5 rounds total! Plus, with 3 lbs dumbbells in each hand pa. For a grand total of 35 minutes, AND with just 1 minute rest after each round! Whew! It seemed we hadn’t caught our breath yet, when we were at it again!

Carlo didn’t tell us at first how much work we’d done. He had a naughty twinkle in his eye when he said above our weak protests, “Stop complaining. You’ll be proud of yourselves. You’ll later find out why”. And that was it! WE all didn’t realize that we were doing 7 minutes! Gosh!

After that workout, he said to me, “Blog this!” and so, obedient student that I am, I did! :)