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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Achy, breaky…

It’s back to work so had to wake up early again. Back to life at the office. But honestly, I was beginning to miss the office! Believe it or not, it’s true! Though I enjoyed my long vacation IMMENSELY (starting with that Friday shopping expedition with Ben)!

But oooohhh…my aching legs… It’s all those squats we had to do yesterday! Whoa, I’m getting ahead of myself. For starters, we did 10 minutes of jogging around the gym for our cardio. Jogging with punches! Seemed easy enough at first, but I was panting before we reached the 10-minute mark. Then came the squats, 5 sets of 15 reps of squats, while holding a 3 kg medicine ball. Yup, weights! I think we started using weights around 2 weeks ago. From holding on to dumbbells while doing our jab-straights, to holding a medicine ball while doing crunches. Then we next heard Carlo’s infamous line, “Get your wall”. Which means either doing splits, side splits or the killer combo of jab-straight-right knee up-left knee up, for 5 minutes!

The rest of the time was spent sparring. Did a total of 4 rounds (count ‘em, 4!) of 7 minutes of sparring. All HARD WORK! But I’m mighty proud to report that I have not missed a class for the past 3 weeks or so. Tuesday and Thursday nights, then Saturday afternoons, I’m at kickboxing class. I honestly can’t remember ever being this dedicated. More so, with an activity which is not pleasant, especially for a lazy person like me. Yup, I’m the first to admit it. If given a chance, I would happily spend my day lazing in bed, reading a book, sipping juice or tea, and biting into a cookie! I’m a sloth and not ashamed to admit it! :)

Well, I really need to get up and be active! I loooove to eat, but hate the thought of getting fat or gaining (more) weight, so the best way to fend off this weight is to be active, and yes, do something which I am NOT naturally inclined to do. At least, I’m still hitting 2 birds with one stone with kickboxing. That is, getting my much-needed exercise, and learning to defend myself as well. Sort of like ‘buy one, take one free’! Now THAT is a great deal to a ‘bargain-hunter’ like me. ;->