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Friday, November 04, 2005

Green thumb... NOT!

I woke up pretty early today (considering it’s a holiday). Hooray to 3-day weekends!!!

Got a chance to do some gardening. Well, if you can call dumping coffee grounds into the pots, gardening. Heheheh… It’s been a while since I’ve actually tended to our plants and was so pissed to find out that the 2 basil plants Ellen gave me already dried up. So okay, I may not have a green thumb, but I still dream of being able to grow different kinds of plants, but more so, herbs and vegetables.

Anyway, I got the coffee grounds from the Starbucks outlet in our building, which was giving it away. Actually, in all Starbucks outlets they give away the used coffee grounds for free, packed in a strong, big, aluminum bag, and you can use this as fertilizer for your plants. How do you get the grounds? You just have to ask for it. Usually, it’s just on the floor in front of the counters at Starbucks.

Read the flyers at Starbucks about this before but this is the first time that I actually asked for them. Dunno if they’ll work but then it won’t hurt to try.